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Architects For Your Business

What is LE?

As business architects, Leading Edge will work with you to identify and articulate your vision, develop the blueprint to align your organization with your strategy. Ensuring your vision is implemented successfully.

Why LE

Hoda and her team have a proven ability to work with you to make real and sustainable change happen. We supplement the vision with target capabilities.

We work on how to do it, how to make it a part of your daily life and create new habits. Relearning and training helps it become a part of you and your organization.

Hoda starts from your needs.  She does not come in with “the” answer.  She understands it is “your” personal or organizational vision.  Listening and working with you, she will provide clarity and strategy for that vision and work collaboratively with you to achieve it.

Is LE for you?

Working with LE is not for everyone, it’s for the brave people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and dig into their business.

Leading Edge clients are people in authority who have the wherewithal (money, people influence, organization). They are ambitious. They know what they want to accomplish and would benefit from someone who will fully understand their situation and help them realize their goals.

Leading Edge is most effective when the clients are committed to real change and actively engaged in collaborating with us in the process.

Schedule a conversation with us with no obligation to ensure that we will work well together.

How Does LE Work?

After an initial conversation and we’ve agreed to work together, we

  • Identify and articulate your vision & goals
  • Develop strategies that consider your values, culture and organizational structure.
  • Implement the strategies by applying the applicable tools and techniques. We have them all.

What our clients say about us:

“I have found Leading Edge to be very adept at looking at an organization in its entirety. They take the time to look at a core business offering and then finds the best way to support its sustainability. Hoda is a skilled adviser to executives in helping them to understand how to delegate to their team in order to reduce management burnout. But, perhaps most importantly, Hoda has a gift of identifying and deploying talent within an organization.”

“Leading Edge is genuinely interested in helping their clients achieve their personal and professional goals, particularly as they relate to the work Leading Edge does. I cannot express enough what a pleasure it’s been to work with Hoda and her team and the benefits that I have received from their professional guidance!”



A Sample List of Our Clients


American Family Insurance
Deluxe Corporation
Detriot Lions
Dow Chemical
Gillette’s Children’s
Green Bay Packers
Land O Lakes
LifeCore Biomedical
Lyman Lumber Companies
Mall of America
Minnesota Government
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Ross Laboratories, Inc.

About Hoda Kemp of LE

Hoda Kemp is the founder of Leading Edge. She has more than 20 years of experience working with corporate executives.  She is known for her expertise in the facilitation of individual and organizational strategic planning.

Her honest, thoughtful and focused approach has successfully helped a variety of companies improved their leadership capacity and transform their organizational effectiveness.

She collaborates with clients to help them build effective strategies in order to increase innovation, transform the organizations culture, and maximize the bottom-line.

Hoda Kemp is active in assisting organizations through periods of rapid growth, transition and/or crisis.

What clients say about Hoda.

“Hoda has vision and integrity. She is wicked-smart with a keen understanding of human nature. She is a visionary in seeing and turning around patterns of behavior at all levels of the organization to help unify teams. She has a gift of clarifying vision and creating a strategic plan to carry it out. She works from what is naturally emerging and grows that. She keeps her ego in check, never trying to impose her ideas. She is a ‘psychiatrist’ and motivational ‘coach’. She makes things happen. Hoda believes in the power of one – but also knows how to bring out the best in the team.”

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